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Supported Independent Living Arrangement and Parent Support Group
The concept of creating supported independence for the learning disabled in the
community is now visibly attainable. Parents no longer have to wait for a
Government program that currently does not exist to support their adult children in an
independent yet supported living situation. In many situations, adults who are mildly
Learning Disabled (LD), cannot become or remain independent without having to count
on family members to help out.

As an organized support group of parents of LD children, we can work together
to arrange how to handle our adult children's' future. This will allow us to feel confident
that they will have support long after the parents are gone or incapacitated in
some way and unable to look after them any longer. We hope to have these LD adults
establish an independent supported living arrangement that does not have to count
on parents or other relatives to provide direct assistance to them.
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