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Supported Independent Living Arrangement and Parent Support Group
PRAI's Supported Independent Living Arrangement and Parent Support Group
program holds meetings together as a group involving both parents and their children
(young adults over the age of 21 who are learning disabled). Our coordinator has over
17 years experience working with nonprofit agencies with emphasis on the LD
population. Our meetings involve participation by the LD young adults in activities that
increase social interaction and team building.

The ideal candidate for this program is an adult over the age of 21, who receives
supportive services for employment, counseling, learning disability and lives at home
with family support. Each individual will be evaluated before any type of finalization of
long term supportive arrangements are made.

A meeting arrangement centered around an activity such as Bowling has been tried and
found to meet this requirement. While the young adults are participating in this fun and
interactive event, the parents will meet in a separate area to discuss the serious issues.
The meetings are set in a relaxing atmosphere, to allow important details to be
discussed between adults on how to set up and sustain complete independence for their
LD adult children.

The knowledge that adults have that there is a way for their LD children to be able to
live an independent life takes away much of the stress that is felt worrying about the
future. Knowing that the parents can go away for a vacation, or if they become sick or
pass away, they can be comforted that their LD children are self-sufficient due to a
created and structured supportive living arrangement. This is all possible with careful
planning and coordination which our support group will work to achieve.

PRAI - Private Residential Assistance Inc. is a Non-Profit 501C3 Tax Exempt registered
Corporation with the State of Illinois. All coordination for the LD Support group and
any programs that result from conclusions and decisions of the group is expected to
take place under this entity.
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